Fresh Fruit

Ada Baby Wipes Unscented
J$52.14 finger (approx.) J$434.56 per kg
Grapes Red Seedless
J$2,909.59 per kg
J$189.84 each (approx.) J$379.68 per kg
Apples Gala
J$154.56 each
J$526.40 per kg
Tru-Juice Orange - Bag
J$655.20 each
J$346.50 per kg
Lime - Bag Of Dozen
J$479.36 each
Orange Bag
J$728.00 each
Melon Slices
J$728.00 per kg
Fuji Apple
J$123.89 each
Canteloupe - Local
J$631.68 per kg
Local Apple
J$479.36 each
Naseberry - Local
J$421.12 per kg
Sugar Cane
J$232.96 each
Apples Granny Smith
J$315.56 each
Black Plums
J$297.83 each (approx.) J$2,481.98 per kg
Pears Bosc (​Small)
J$306.54 each
Tommy Atkins (​Hayden) Mango
J$295.68 per kg
Grapes Green Seedless
J$3,820.21 per kg
California Strawberries (​New)
J$3,672.81 each
Apples Red
J$225.40 each
Blueberries 170gm
J$2,252.71 each
Cowboy Pineapple
J$113.79 each
Grapefruit - Bag
J$488.32 each
Honey Dew Melon -Local
J$637.28 per kg
Granny Smith Apples
J$283.36 each
Ada Baby Wipes Gardenia
J$885.92 per kg
Blackberry 6oz
J$1,852.14 each
Ortanique Bag
J$976.64 each
Wyman's Of Maine Fresh Frozen Red Raspberries
J$1,633.34 each
Ada Baby Wipes Rose
J$256.31 each
Apples Fuji
J$382.54 each
Pears D'anjou
J$278.21 each
Canteloupe Peeled & Sliced
J$1,512.00 per kg
Grapes Black Seedless
J$3,673.38 per kg
J$2,560.54 per kg
Grapes Red Globe
J$2,879.97 per kg
Real Flavours Ready Blue Berries
J$2,015.72 each
Red Apples
J$176.46 each
Fruit Dish
J$1,545.60 per kg
Pear Danjou Fancy Large
J$289.80 each
Pears Bosc 80-110
J$933.80 per kg
Real Flavours Ready Berry Blend
J$1,814.21 each
Real Flavours Ready Whole Strawberries
J$1,812.22 each
Cascadian Farm® Organic Blueberries 28 Oz Bag
J$7,019.19 each
Melon (​Yellow)
J$463.68 per kg
Melons Honey Dew
J$1,202.88 per kg
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